Santa’s Flight Zipline – Soar high above the trees on our 400 foot long zip line. Our trained and experienced employees secure your harness, hook your trolley to the line and bring you to a smooth safe stop on the landing at the other end.  You just enjoy the ride.  Minimum age is 7 and maximum weight is 250 pounds.

For our younger participants, we have a kiddie zip line, The Rudolph, which launches from a 3 foot platform, but is just as much fun!

Liability Waivers are required for all zip line participants.   Minors must have the waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian.  Field trip participants, or anyone bringing a child for whom they are not the legal guardian, please print the 3-page waiver below, have it signed ahead of time by the appropriate person and bring it to the farm completed.

Zip Line Liability Waiver for Minor Children