May I take photos of my family at the farm?

The farm is a great backdrop for colorful shots of your children and family, and we love being tagged on Facebook!  However, NO props, tripods or professional equipment may be brought in during our regular hours of operation.  Photo shoots create traffic jams, are unsafe around our tractor rides, and tie up scenic locations.  If you wish to bring in equipment and props for casual amateur, the first 3 Tuesday’s after Thanksgiving will be open for this purpose. See our Events  page for more details.  Also, several days in early November are reserved for professional photographers to shoot clients uninterrupted for those holiday shots.  Visit our Booking page for more details.

Are pets allowed?

Well-behaved leashed dogs are permitted, but not allowed in the horse ride and petting zoo areas.  Please pick up any droppings.

Are there restroom facilities?

Restrooms with flush toilets are available past the concession stand.  Additional portable toilets are located beyond the petting zoo. Water is not approved for drinking.

How should I prepare for my visit?

You are coming to a natural environment, so dress as you might for a hike. Closed toe shoes are recommended, and wear clothes that are dirt and S’more friendly! Bugs are present, so anybody with allergies should bring the proper treatment. Children with asthma may want to avoid activities involving hay. Avoid contact with wildlife, and observe from afar.  Irrigation piping is above ground, and protected gopher tortoise holes are scattered throughout the field, so please monitor children and watch your step. There are no air conditioned facilities and all attractions are outdoors.

Is the farm accessible for wheelchairs and strollers?

The Christmas tree farm is a working farm with natural Florida terrain. We have no paved walkways, but we have made every effort to create paths free of roots and debris.  Guests frequently bring strollers, children’s wagons, and wheelchairs into the farm.  We will do our best to help guests with disabilities enjoy their experience at the farm to the fullest. Handicap parking is located across from the gate, so please display your placard upon entering and the parking attendants will direct you.

Do I need to bring a chain saw to the farm to cut my tree or will you cut it for me?

We have an ample supply of bow saws that are available for guests to use. We can provide assistance with cutting if necessary. However, our Florida trees are a softer wood and guests of all sizes usually are able to cut them down with ease. We will shake and bale your tree free of charge, provide free twine for tying, and will even assist with tying your tree at guest’s request.

How are your Choose and Cut trees priced?

The minimum charge for any tree in the field is $40 to discourage cutting of our younger smaller trees.  Our motivation and passion is to be able to offer the experience of cutting a tree to every family who visits, and when one family cuts several trees or smaller trees, this is not possible.  We hope that our guests will embrace and support this effort, as we can only produce a limited number of trees on our existing acreage.  We try to provide plenty of affordable pre-cut trees if you would like to purchase extra smaller trees.  See our Choose and Cut page for additional pricing.

Will I be able to pick my own pumpkin from a field and how much do they cost?

Pumpkins are difficult to grow in Florida due to the moisture and insects.  We pick them up fresh picked from Tennessee and display them off of the ground in the shade to bring them to you as fresh as possible.  They are priced by size and individually marked starting at just $2 for a Cannonball.

Do you offer group rates or specials?

We do not offer group rates, but do offer discounted online ticket purchases.  We also offer specials on select days of the season.  For large groups, we suggest a private farm party rental.

Can I bring in outside food or a cake for a birthday?

No outside food is permitted during normal hours of operation.  A variety of beverages and delicious food options are available for purchase.  Birthday cakes may be brought in only with the reservation of a Party Corral, and are permitted only within the confines of the “Party Corral.” Availability is limited and reservations are required.  Please see our Events page for more details. Food policies differ for Field Trips and Private Rentals.

What form of payments do you take?

Master Card, Visa (debit and credit) and cash.  We do not have an ATM, but cashiers can also provide up to $20 cash back on your credit card purchase.  No personal checks.

How much is admission to the farm and parking?

Admission and parking are free.  Activities require the purchase of tickets.

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